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Images of Beijing  
Pictures of the Great Wall at Jin Shan and Badaling.
almost 100 photos in 6 galleries:
- a walk through the city
- the Emperor's palace
- the Temple of Heaven
- the Summer Palace

Great Wall: the great wall at Jin Shan was only partly restored and largely left in its original state.
There are also a few images from Badaling, where it has been fully restored. 21 pictures.

Pictures of the Three Gorges of the Yangtse river  
Photos of the famous terracotta amrmy

Three Gorges
over 70 photos in 5 galleries.
- a cruise on the Yangtze river
- gorges at sunset and dawn
- "Ghost City"
- the Three Gorges Dam

- the famous terracotta warriors
- the hot springs at HuaQuing
- dance and music in the park
- lighting a candle in a temple.
22 photos.
More images from China at my photo log and.
There also are travel pictures by other photographers in the China and Tibet sections of my guest gallery.

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