Images of Beijing  
Pictures of the Great Wall at Jian Shan and Badaling.
- a walk through the city
- the Emperor's palace
- the Temple of Heaven
- the Summer Palace

Great Wall: the great wall at Jian Shan was only partly restored and largely left in its original state.
There are also a few images from Badaling, where it has been fully restored.

Pictures of the Three Gorges of the Yangtse river  
Photos of the famous terracotta amrmy

Three Gorges
- a cruise on the Yangtze river
- gorges at sunset and dawn
- "Ghost City"
- the Three Gorges Dam

- the famous terracotta warriors
- the hot springs at HuaQuing
- dance and music in the park
- lighting a candle in a temple
Pictures from Chongqing: coming soon
Pictures of Kunming: coming shortly
Pictures of Wuhan: coming shortly

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